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Since 1985, hundreds of students have studied and graduated from L'archet String Studio under the guidance of Diana Marie Iorio. 

The L'archet String Studio's objectives are geared to meet the needs of students of all ages, with the desire to begin or enrich music studies on the violin or viola at the highest level.

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The Stone - DMI - LTDiana Marie Iorio, F. Sueholtz, Horlick High School Orchestra
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Private Lessons

Lessons for children and adults are held on a weekly basis, with duration recommended by the instructor according to the student's age and current ability level. In-person and virtual instruction includes traditional schools of methodology: Rhythm and aural skills training; note-reading and general music theory and history; development of practice; sight-reading and performance skills.


The Suzuki Method and repertoire may be incorporated into lessons depending on the student's age and learning style.


Group Lessons

Group sessions, when available, are supplemental and provide students with the opportunity to explore the chamber music repertoire and develop the skills required of an ensemble musician. Interactions with others in a challenging yet non-competitive setting offers students the opportunity to refine and build technical skills and musical expression.

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Competition, Master Classes & Performance

Instruction periodically includes informal and formal gatherings, such as recitals, master classes, and various music programs and special outings. Those requiring additional fees will be announced in advance. 


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an art, but a habit.


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