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Faith D. – Violin

"My experiences in the L'archet String Studio with Ms. Iorio has helped me to grow and learn more about myself. I have learned how to play intentionally and to think critically about music. Throughout my many years studying the violin with Ms. Iorio, I have gained the ability to perform confidently so as to express my musical gifts."


Ethan V. – Violin

"I’ve been taking violin lessons with Ms. Iorio for half the time I’ve been alive!    I have learned so much from her and I couldn’t imagine taking lessons with anyone else."  Ethan V.



Myriam D. – violin

"Ms. Iorio has been Mimi’s violin teacher for the past 9 years since she was in first grade. Her guidance and dedication helped Mimi thrive and improve her music techniques and skills. Ms. Iorio customizes her teaching program to each student’s needs. She is friendly, kind and patient with Mimi, and works well with families! We love her and highly recommend her as a violin teacher. We are forever grateful."
Mrs. Josy D., mother

Adrian r. – violin

"Ms. Iorio's way of teaching is just magical. She knows what to say and what to do. I know exactly what to work on to improve and have found myself genuinely in love with music thanks to her! She's taken me far past what I thought I could do and I'm eternally grateful. "

henry S. – Viola

"I'm grateful for Ms. Iorio and how she works with our son. She is the first teacher who truly understands him and his gifts in life. She is patient and creative with her lessons. Ms. Iorio challenges him to be better with his playing capabilities and in life. He has thrived in learning viola, giving greater confidence in school and other extracurriculars." Mrs. Kacey S., mother

Taylor & Jake B.

"We are truly blessed to have found Diana to teach Grace violin. Her passion and love for teaching is evident as we've watched Grace's horizons expand as she explores the beautiful world of music under Ms. Diana's instruction. To have such a talented teacher is truly an opportunity that is not taken lightly. These lessons have given Grace not only a place to freely express herself and lose herself in the music, but also grounded her in that it's taught her discipline and the fruits that come from hard work which is something she will carry throughout her life. We are truly thankful for Diana's willingness to share her talent and time."

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